Betting on premier league English football

Betting on premier league English football

As we come to the end of the season, there is still so much to play for. In this guide we’ll be showing you what many people tend to be betting on at this time of year with regards to the English Premier League on websites like Dafabet.


The first thing many people tend to be looking at is the big relegation battle. With Swansea City, Norwich City, Sunderland AFC and Newcastle United all involved there could be a major range of developments in the coming weeks. At the moment it looks like two of this four will join Aston Villa in relegation, and relegation will come distinctly from who has the least disruption in their plans moving forward.

Many are beginning to bet on Norwich given the introduction of Sam Allardyce, Francisco Guidolin and Rafa Benitez at their three relegation rivals. We also have a sneaking suspicion that it will be Swansea, not the two North East teams, that end up going down.

European Spots

There’s so many teams involved in the European push that it’s hard to know who to back. However, many are beginning to lump money on West Ham United and Manchester United making it at the expense of one of Manchester City, or Arsenal!

It’s a tough one to call but we can see the logic behind lumping on City to miss out; they have been abject in recent weeks. This market is further confused by the attentions of clubs like Stoke City, Southampton and Liverpool as well however. There is a massive battle on to be at the top of European competition next year and with the top two seemingly breaking away themselves, this market is seeing huge value at the moment.

The Title

With Leicester City (!) five points clear, it looks like it might be a foregone conclusion. However, major challenges are expected in the coming weeks as Leicester are beginning to slow down a little in terms of performances. However, Tottenham are picking up and we could find that there is a major clash between both clubs on the run-in.

Tottenham, though, have the hardest run-in and this could majorly affect their chances of being a success this year. We expect that many of the bets now will be going on what looks to be fateful charge of the Foxes to the Premier League title.

Whoever you back or whatever you think will happen, betting on all three of these markets will give you the most scope for getting things right. There’s also the interesting battle for top scorer going on – can you spot who might be the one to emerge with the golden boot?

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