Elo Booster: The Way to Increase the Winning Chances in LOL

Elo Booster: The Way to Increase the Winning Chances in LOL

For all the gaming freaks, ‘League of Legend’ is the new game which has become popular among the gamers. The game has gone through a lot of improvements and many successful releases. In the ‘gaming market’, it has received rave reviews. It is easily comprehensible and user-oriented. The player could enjoy the gambling experience by elo boosting experience. The game involves single player and multi-players as well.

How to Increase the Chances of Winning in League of Legends Game?

  • Ensure You Are Proficient With the Roles: Ensure you have practiced and trained for the roles so that you could play them well.

  • Ensure You Have 2 Champions for the Roles: Ensure you have two champions for each of the roles so that you do not play the ‘wrong champion’. You need to have at least two champions as someone may take one of the champions.

  • Have the ‘Full AD’ Rune Page: The AD ‘rune page’ could be used for the roles so that you need not spend the IP on the runes.

  • State the Strongest Role: As you enter the ‘Champion Select’ screen, say “I’m the strongest mid/top/support/adc/jung” instead of “mid/top/jung/bot” This would let the remaining team know the position you would do best in. Once the strongest role of each of the players is stated, the role stated by only one of the players could be filled and remaining players could figure out which role is performed by whom.

  • Play the Role You Would Not Enjoy: The role you would not enjoy would be ‘support role’. Be prepared to play the role that is needed and not what you wish to play.

  • Communication with Words and Pings: Make use of pings for alerting your teammates of the enemies as well as the ambushes.

  • Do Not Hold the MIA Calls Back: It is better to call the MOA when the opponent went into ‘Fog of War’. Do not call the MIA as that would cause distrust. However, you could call it when you suspect the opponent is not on lane anymore.

  • Make the Jungler Aware of the Enemy Wards: In case you see the opponent up the antitank ward, tell the jungler that they can avoid and effectively gank.

  • Leash: Take the tone for helping the jungler kill the buff master.

  • Help the Team Mate in Feeding: In case you see the teammate facing difficulty in holding the lane, it is necessary to help them when possible.

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