Myths and Facts About Online Slot Cheats

Myths and Facts About Online Slot Cheats

It is common among gamblers to search for an extra edge, however, beyond the tips of managing your resources and knowing the gameplay, there is no edge when it comes to online slots. Any strategy that claims to guarantee a win is a scam.

There are two basic categories when it comes to slot myths: myths about non-existing winning systems and myths about the casinos, the games, and the next spin.

This is a list debunking the most common myths and providing a healthy dose of the facts. An important aspect to remember is that slots are programmed with an RPG that ensure the spins are random and that there is always fair gameplay, like when playing at Slotzo. This programme was invented for the purpose of ensuring honest gambling.

Loose and Tight Games

A common myth is that some slots are created to be “loose” and others to be “tight”. This is not possible due to the tight cyber security in place; there are watchdogs all over the server keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity. Any unfair behaviour would be found immediately and destroyed, even this is a last resort as every casino has an almost impenetrable firewall to protect its games and players. If you think about it logically, the casino would lose profits if it somehow managed to make a slot payout more often than others. Why would they do this?

Every Spin is Completely Random

A myth that has undoubtedly cost players a lot of money is the myth that the best games to play are ones with progressive jackpots. These games may boast a payout of 98% but the betting range per spin is usually pretty high. This means that by the time you are done playing you would have spent a lot of money with each spin. Any wins besides the jackpots are relatively small due to the fact that the jackpot is given a percentage of each bet.

Casinos Cannot Choose the Winners

The ironic myth that you are more likely to win if you play one coin only has without a doubt probably led to some very frustrating gameplay. In reality, if you play more coins, your wins will be larger as they will be multiplied by your initial bet. You will certainly have enough time to rethink your gameplay if you only play with one coin at a time.

The low risk, high possible rewards scenario is what has skyrocketed slots to the top of the list of online casino games. Slots are created to be fun and entertaining games that keep players immersed and help pass the time. The potential cash rewards are only an extra bonus to playing online slots. Do not play slots with income as your only goal, keep it light-hearted and you will find your gameplay lasting longer and in turn, improving your chances of sticking to your goals and not falling prey to the many myths that surround online slots.

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