Who is going to win the first Ashes Test in 2019?

Who is going to win the first Ashes Test in 2019?

The next big cricket event is nearing again as the ultimate sports event of The Ashes will take place again this summer! The Ashes is an ongoing battle between England and Australia in a series of so called Cricket Test-matches. After five Tests, the winner is announced and this team will receive the honor of taking the Ashes home.

The Ashes is a tiny trophy which contains the figurative Ashes of English cricket. The name first occurred when England dramatically lost a match of cricket against Australia and the newspaper read: ‘English cricket has died, the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.’ The year afterward, the English captain promised to regain the ashes and bring them home to home territory. The Ashes event was born.

This year, the event will take place in England where the five Tests will be held at different locations all over Britain. Throughout August and September, the Test will each take several days to determine a winner. The first Test of this year’s Ashes will take place at Edgbaston from the 1st of August until the 5th of August. The venue of Edgbaston promises for an exciting match with even more interesting Ashes odds as it hosted one of the most sensational matches in 2005.

Who will win the first Test of the 2019 edition of the Ashes?

The Ashes has a long history and this year England will host the 71st edition of the famous sports event. Over the past 137 years, in which the event takes place every one and a half to two years time, Australia and England have been able to keep up with one another pretty decently. Australia won 33 editions, England obtained victory in 32 editions. In the five other events, there was a draw. This gives us the idea that the Ashes 2019 odds will be a close call either way.

James Anderson said it is crucial for England to adapt to all the ruling conditions in order for the English team to win and regain the Ashes. This gives a positive image for England to win the first Test, especially because this year’s edition will be a home game on familiar territory and with loads of supporters backing up their team.

The ICC Cricket World Cup still fresh in our memory, it is easy to use this as a reference for the next Ashes outcome. The ICC showed strong gameplay from both England and Australia which complicates things for us to estimate the outcome of the first Test. Have you placed your bets yet for the Ashes 2019?

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