Why is the PS4 so successful?

Why is the PS4 so successful?

Name a recent console that is selling at a rapid pace and you’ll find that it’s the PlayStation 4. The console, which launched in 2013, has since shown to be a much better-seller than the competitor, Microsoft’s XBOX One.

As more PS4 news has released, we can now say that there are over 40 million sales across the globe for Sony’s latest gaming console. And predictions are that sales will reach nearly 70 million by 2019.But, why has the PlayStation 4 become the clear leader of this generation? This post explores just how it has reached this initial success and why it’s only the beginning.

Sony understands the gaming industry far better than Microsoft, and this has shown. Microsoft confused their own loyal fans with the XBOX One brand. PlayStation is always a great brand because it’s simple. Take their upcoming headset, it’s named PlayStation VR. What is clear? Sony is for gamers. Microsoft is trying to appeal to a larger market, but that market is already covered.

Those who like style will find the XBOX One as large, clunky and the console has the ugly nickname of ‘VHS player’. I should also mention that the XBOX One also required a power-brick too. The PS4, which doesn’t have a power-brick, is smaller and better looking by a distance.


The PS4 is more powerful and the majority of game releases fall in the 1080p category. The same cannot be said for the XBOX One, which has too many lower resolution compatible games.

Why will PS4 sales continue to grow? Better value, that’s why. Not just this, though, you also have more innovations coming from the Sony camp. Take for example, PlayStation VR. This is already exciting many PS4 gamers, the same cannot be said for XBOX One fans. Also, expect better exclusive titles from PS4, which actually land in 1080p, as stated above.

The fact of the matter is, Microsoft is lagging so far behind now that there is no expectations for things to change. Even Microsoft has admitted that they have made some mistakes and that Sony has pretty much won in this department. Some even rumour that there will not be any other console made by Microsoft as they put their attention towards their Windows 10 operating system. Others suggest that an XBOX Two could be a power-beast ready to battle the PS5 and Nintendo NX in the near future.

There are many other reasons as to why the PS4 has been so successful to date, but these are some of the key reasons. What do you think? Comment box is below.

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