Cryptocurrencies and the Online Casino Revolution

Cryptocurrencies and the Online Casino Revolution

The online casino industry has a great deal of time revolutionizing the way gambling is conceived, but despite its sheer size, this industry has faced a number of obstacles along the way, such as blocking of its accounts by from banks, the use of companies as intermediaries to avoid blocking payments received through credit cards, high transaction fees; In short, moving money was quite expensive for these sites.

With the advent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, this “gambling revolution” reached new levels and was the long-awaited solution to so many obstacles presented along the way. In 2016, the Bitcoin boom reached online casinos, generating a notable impact by promoting mass adoption by these platforms, thus facilitating the movement of money by casinos and users.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: The great solution

After this process of massive adoption by online casinos, the impact that this trend had could be observed and to date it has been estimated that more than 45% of cryptocurrency transactions are carried out through casino and betting sites, even speaking of more than 300 transactions per second related to online gambling.

The advantages of using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are innumerable, always highlighting its anonymity, the low amounts in commissions, the ease with which money can be transferred, as well as the flexibility and comfort of being able to use any device such as PCs, smartphones. or laptops from anywhere in the world.

Maximum transparency with an excellent user experience

Despite the above, we don’t necessarily have to wait until blockchain games mature and start offering great games. There are attempts to combine the best of traditional, Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos now and offer fast and secure payments and maximum transparency without compromising the user experience.

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