Garth Kimber’s Guidance Brings About A Rise In e-gaming

Garth Kimber’s Guidance Brings About A Rise In e-gaming

Garth Kimber needs no formal introduction – he is the man who has brought a revolution in e-gaming. He was previously the head of eGaming for Isle of Man government before he moved ahead to the private sector. Mr Kimber is a previous head of eGaming for the Isle of Man government before moving over to the private sector. Currently, he is the boss of a number of gaming websites based in Isle of Man.

He played a pivotal role in setting the path for e-gaming in the country between the years 2007 and 2016. He offered tremendous support in promoting and protecting the e-gaming scenario and has brought full energy in his position.

Under his able guidance, the country has witnessed a huge growth in e-gaming, as much as 20% in one year. The economy of the country has risen expeditiously. The growth rate is expected to rise further in the next few years. At present, there are 25 licensed companies in the country which are practicing e-gaming in the island. There are several more companies which are waiting for their license approval. Undoubtedly, the country has gained amazing due to this high rate in e-gaming.

It is estimated that at least 15 Million Euros has been collected from e-gaming last year. Capital used was approximately 150 Million Euros. This amount is quite significant for a country with a population of 82000 people. Thus, a lot is credited to the able guidance of Garth Kimber.

Today, more and more people are showing a keen interest in online gaming. Countries are now concentrating on several regulations which help in attracting and inviting gaming companies which help in setting up different gaming centers. This adds to the economy of the country. Online betting along with gambling involves plenty of money. There are several countries which are quite strict and hold their stand in not allowing such games. However, the popularity of e-gaming is increasing and in no time, every country shall have its own laws and regulations for e-gaming.


A lot has been done to ensure any illegal transfer of money involved in e-gaming. There are several laws and regulations which prevent such a transfer. Garth Kimber mentions about several laws and policies related to money laundering. Garth has recently reported about some unusual activities in the gaming industry. Kimber had mentioned “Following unprecedented volumes and unusual activities during the Cheltenham racing festival the company has followed our regulator approved procedures and terms and conditions and reviewed activity deemed suspicious. All payments were processed for accounts not deemed to be under investigation and additionally all payments have now been processed for those accounts reviewed and found not to have been in breach of our terms and conditions.”

The government has a keen eye for several large firms and also places where there might be chances for such practices. Still, there are a few loopholes and the government of the country is working best to get rid of all such practices and make e-gaming completely safe and sound. Every endeavor is done to ensure that there is no misuse or any disturbance caused to the economy of the country.

Garth is quite positive about the gaming industry and believes a lot is still to happen in the industry.

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