Hearthstone, a game to bet on

Hearthstone, a game to bet on

In collectible card game genre, Hearthstone happened to be a record-breaking eSports title. Hearthstone is using a free-to-play model, thereby many players have downloaded this game on their PCs quite willingly. According to the stats published by Blizzard Entertainment, the game has more than 50 million of registered users. The tremendous success of Hearthstone has lead to the creation of different pro leagues. For eSports bettors, Hearthstone can deliver a plenty of opportunities. To start wagering on this game, please check the list of approved Hearthstone betting sites to get a better idea of trusted placed.

Now we would like to discuss why Hearthstone can be a highly rewarding game to bet on.

Major Tournaments and Viewership

Since the release of the game in 2014, Hearthstone has developed a lot as the eSports game. There are multiple premier tournaments, where the best of the best compete for real-money prizes. The biggest tournaments encompass World Cyber Arena, eSport Superstars, the DreamHack and WESG Hearthstone. However, all eyes of Hearthstone fans are on Hearthstone World Championship. In 2016, the total prize pool reached $1,000,000. The bettors can wager on the huge number of matches, including those of regional qualifications, group stage, playoffs and grand finals.

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The first Hearthstone World Championship, organized in 2014, was marked with pretty promising viewership figures. It is known that the HWC 2014 grand finale has gathered around 135,000 of spectators. This was one of the best starts among eSports games, even outperforming Overwatch with 100,000 of viewers in OW World Cup 2016 finals.

Most common bet types in Hearthstone

There are many bet types that top-tier eSports betting operators offer for Hearthstone punters. The most popular one, however, is the outright bet. Just to remind the term, here the bettor predicts which player is going to win the whole competition. As you have witnessed above in this writing, tournaments dedicated to this game tend to be quite large. For this reason, odds are quite high for all tournament participants, particularly in Hearthstone World Championship matches. Similarly to outright bets, punters can also decide to bet how far the player will advance in the selected tournament.

 Indeed, it is possible to bet on the individual matches rather than on the entire tournaments. Things get especially intense when betting on the playoffs, where matches are played in single elimination format. Therefore, there is no draw, which slightly limits the odds offered.

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