How do I play online in anonymous casino?

How do I play online in anonymous casino?

To start gambling anonymously online you need just 2 things: 1) a Bitcoin wallet; and 2) Bitcoin.

A guide about the anonymous casino you can find here

Step 1: Register a Bitcoin wallet

Obtaining a Bitcoin wallet is as simple as registering a new e-mail account on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, it just takes a minute or so. A wallet enables you to hold Bitcoins privately, send Bitcoins and receive bitcoins.

All Bitcoin wallets have two main components, which enable a transaction to take place:

A) Public Key – this is a bit like your wallets email address; it enables others to send bitcoins to your wallet using this address. If you are expecting to receive bitcoins from someone else, you have to share this ‘key’ with the other person for the transaction to take place.

B) Private Key – this is your wallet’s transaction authorisation code; it enables you to send bitcoins to others. If you are planning to send bitcoins to someone else, you will not be able to initiate the transaction without the private key.

Unlike an email address, Public Keys and Private Keys cannot be customised or set by you; they are mathematically encrypted signatures determined by the Bitcoin network and allocated to you.

Step 2: Purchase Bitcoin

Once you have a Bitcoin Wallet in place, there are 2 ways of actually purchasing Bitcoins:

A. Bitcoin Exchange

This is by far the most common method that most people use for purchasing Bitcoin (both for new and experienced users) as it is quick and simple.

You just need to i) register an account on a trusted exchange, ii) select your payment method for purchasing the Bitcoins (for example, debit card, credit card, PayPal etc) and iii)  transfer your newly purchased Bitcoins from your exchange account to your private wallet.

Popular online exchanges include Coinbase, Bitstamp and Bitpanda and Kraken.

B. Bitcoin ATM

Some users may prefer not to purchase Bitcoins via an exchange, although this is by far the simplest and quickest method. This may be for extra anonymity, convenience or for other reasons.

Such users have an alternative method of buying and selling Bitcoins; they can purchase Bitcoins in cash, and sell Bitcoins for cash using dedicated Bitcoin ATMs. These ATMs are growing in increasing popularity all over the world. You will still a Private Bitcoin wallet.

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