Kenyan betting craze

Kenyans are fascinated by the idea of betting. The betting craze has taken the country by storm. There are reasons for this phenomenon in African region.

Reason 1. Mobile mentality. Kenyans became a “mobile money” nation after the growing popularity of online investments a few years ago. Mobile payments and lending apps have become widespread and people have become used to making transactions online. Today, betting is the new form of investing that can be performed via a smartphone.

Betting services use this reason for providing intensive marketing strategies in Kenya. They develop mobile apps and enter into partnership with lending services. Most of them give the option of free bets in Kenya to attract new customers.

Reason 2. Easy success mentality. Many Kenyans are not fond of the idea of studying for years, climbing the career ladder and saving money to become wealth. They prefer to rely on luck and try hard to make money though betting. An easy way to success. Unemployment and economic situation endorse this way since for many people it is impossible to find job in their area.

Reason 3. Betting at the expense of employers. The easiest way to place bets is online betting – so many employees use free office internet for the simple reason: today they can and tomorrow they might not have access. Since the economic situation in Kenya is not stable, most employees cannot stay on one job for a long time. They make the most of the situation. In addition, some of them even consider betting as a kind of old age pension.

Reason 4. Dreaming big. Though most of Kenyans do not have an ability to invest in stocks or play the market, they still have a big dream of getting rich in a venturous way. Betting has become their “Wall street” opportunity. This is how they show investor talent and rely on luck. They often consider placing bets as a strategy of cash flow management and believe that this strategy can take them to the top.


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