Reasons Why Your Bet was Cancelled by Your Sportsbook

In a lot of countries especially in Singapore, one of the most common scenarios that sports bettors need to deal with is when a sportsbook cancels or voids a wager. After the bet was placed almost a lot had certainly experienced such a situation.

Sportsbooks in Singapore terminates a bet for many reasons, and as a sports bettor, it would be best to understand those reasons for you to accumulate a clear perspective from them. Here are some of the issues why your bet is cancelled by your sports bettor.

An Event Has Been Postponed/Abandoned/Cancelled

When a sports event is put off for over 12 to 24 hours, it is the time where sportsbooks refund a bettor’s money. In the sports industry, events were cancelled or postponed because of some unforeseen circumstances such as storm, power supply, game period, sudden thunderstorm, riot, strike or even a civil commotion.

The cancellation of events may turn to cancellation of bets also which can help bookies minimize risks related to the wrong market.

Your Sportsbook Offered Incorrect Markets

Most sportsbooks cancel bets when they accidentally offered wrong odds that can lead to your loss. It can rarely happen, but most cases are because bookies have posted wrong market lines in which are assigned for another game or post odds.

This seems to be unfair to cancel bets especially if your bet is winning but it is the right of all bookies to do this especially when online bookies made it clear on the terms and conditions on their websites that they have the right to terminate bets when in cases of accidental posting of odds.

Additionally, if your bet was against the regulation of Singapore sports bet, it is only right to cancel your wager.

Cancelling a wager doesn’t mean that your money will be lost because this will be refunded to you as soon as possible. Circumstances can ruin your betting schedule, but this is what sportsbooks should do when a situation arises.

To know more about why sportsbook cancels your bet, continue reading this infographic by 88ProAsia and 88PROBET.


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