Terms And Conditions Of Avalon 78 Deposit Bonuses

Terms And Conditions Of Avalon 78 Deposit Bonuses

Avalon78is a betting site, where players place bet and earn rewards. But, it is not like any other betting site where winning money is a hard task. For Avlon78, what matters most is the player’s satisfaction. Players are not only given Avalon78 deposit bonuses but also weekly cash backs.

Terms and Conditions

However, certain terms and Conditionsare applied before a player avails Avalon78deposit bonuses. Players are advised to go through hose terms and conditions thoroughly and then sign in to the site. Going through those terms would ensure that they are signing up for something they are truly interested in.This also helps the site to have only genuine players. Some of them are:

  • One bonus one person

Players can’t avail of more than one bonus per person. That means that one bonus each mail address or IP address, whichever the player chooses to sign in. This bonus can be used by players whenever they want.

  • Geographic limitations

Avalon78 deposit bonusesare limited to certain areas. It has a geographical barrier and players residing in Sweden are forbidden to enjoy the benefits of bonuses, promotions, or even the ability to join the Avalon78 VIP club. This geographical barrier might not be the best way to go but it is definitely done for the site’s betterment.

  • The minimum deposit to be made

To avail the Avalon78 deposit bonuses, a player is required to deposit a minimum of 20 EUR, if the player has any other currency and is not from Europe, they are required to deposit an equivalent amount.

  • No inappropriate use of bonuses

Avalon78 follows a very strict policy where abusing Avalon78 deposit bonusesis strictly prohibited. Any player if caught in unacceptably using the bonuses is ceased from using bonuses in the future and all the winning cash is seized.

  • 14 days of validity

Avalon78 deposit bonuses cannot be kept unused for a long time. Though it is said that players can avail the bonuses anytime, but, there is a condition. The player needs to use up the bonus within14 days. The bonus is valid for 14 days after which it expires and can’t be used anymore.

  • No withdrawal before reaching the target

Avalon78 has full rights in forfeiting theAvalon78 deposit bonuses and winning money if players request a withdrawal of their deposits even before the wagering requirement for bonuses is met. Therefore, it is advisable to keep playing until the target amount is reached.

Now that you know the terms and conditions of Avalon78, it’s time to get started.

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