What are the differences between progressive jackpot, video and 3-reel slots?

   What are the differences between progressive jackpot, video and 3-reel slots?

It is fair to say that the online casino sector has taken off in a big way lately. It was reported to have a global market size of over $50bn in 2019, and this looks set to grow in the coming years. Playing at online casinos is not only fun and convenient but also potentially financially rewarding. With this in mind, it is easy to see why it has found favor with so many people now.

The range of games at online casinos is also a selling point, and slots seem to be particularly loved by lots of players. If you fancy trying out these games though, it is worth checking out the three major types of video, progressive jackpot and 3-reel slot first.

Video slots

These slots are massively popular now and come from some of the top studios in iGaming, such as Quickspin. Popular video slots include Starburst by NetEnt and Thunderstruck by Microgaming. You will find video slots to enjoy at the best NJ online casino sites, as well as other internet casinos in the US and globally. What exactly are they though?

These slots use graphical reels and come in a variety of reel arrangements. It is common for video slots to have multiple paylines and multiple reel symbols. When you also factor in the cool bonus games that many pack in, they offer a superb chance to win. Most modern video slots also come with excellent graphics, immersive storylines and crystal-clear soundtracks.

Progressive jackpot slots

One other type of slot that many online casinos carry now are known as progressive jackpot slots. Progressive jackpot games also come with outstanding visuals, cool animations, funky sound and multiple lines to play on. What exactly separates them from video slots? It all comes down to the jackpot prize that players can win.

This jackpot gradually increases each time someone plays but does not win. Naturally, this can see it build up to a large amount over time and pay out life-changing amounts if you do scoop it. Some progressive jackpot games will also link with others in a network for even more humungous wins.

3-reel slots

The last major type of slot you will find online are known as 3-reel slots. These are actually the oldest of the ones on our list and the original online slots that were developed. They take their stylistic lead from traditional physical slot machines.

3-reel slots remain popular because they are simple, fast and fun to play. With only three reels to worry about, it is easy to grasp how they work and when you are on for a win. Winning combos get paid out depending on the value of symbols contained and read from left to right on-screen.

Slots are the choice for many online casino players

Just as you would find out more about online poker before playing, it is also worth knowing about slot games before enjoying them. There is a wide choice of games you could play at any online casino, but slots are the choice for many. Whether you choose 3-reel, progressive jackpot or video slots, you are sure to have fun.

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