Where Gamers Can Find Games

Where Gamers Can Find Games

In a world where more and more websites are being privatized and charging for formally free things, it is important to be able to tell where one can still access free games.

For More Casual Gamers

Casual gamers can find some sites overwhelming, as there are so many sites to choose from! Here are some computer-safe game sites that will provide great recreation for the cause gamer.

Jocuri ca la aparate is a website that is perfect for casual gamers. There are several types of games that the casual gamer can really get behind. The site allows for the gamer to list their favorite games, recommend games, and even a space to bookmark games to play layer. They also have categories like action, multiplayer, adventure & RPG, sports and racing, strategy and defense, puzzles, and music games. There are also several tutorials to help the newer gamer succeed.

There are also more specific game sites for gamers who know specifically what they want to do. For people who really like Tetris, Pacman, and similar big name vintage arcade games often have entire sites dedicated to that game. Try a google search with “free” and then whichever game of choice.


Silver Games is another excellent website that allows for newer or more causal gamers to experience the wonder of free games. This site has several tabs that allow for the user to try finding which game they should play. The categories include new games, hot games, best games; most played games, and even allows the player to click “random game” which will pull up a random game for the indecisive gamers out there.

For More Serious Gamers

Gamers who are not looking to kill a few hours, but to use the game in order sharpen specific skills.

There are also medical games that allow for people training to be in the medical profession to work on their medical skills. Jocuri ca la aparate is a site that enables workers in the health care world to practice unusual or complicated procedures through a game. This allows for people to practice on a computer and get more confident about their skills before they work on real patients.

For people who are dealing with the unthinkable stress and trauma of facing cancer can use games to help them. Re-mission is a game site that allows for the player to shoot cancerous cells. This game was designed to help people with cancer feel some control over the disease.

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