Beating the House Dead – Top Casino Tricks

Beating the House Dead – Top Casino Tricks

Everyone fantasizes about winning big money in a casino, and while it is possible to walk away with a huge cut, it takes a lot of practice and skill. Moreover, it will take a big bag of patience to be able to keep coming back to try your luck. However, there are men and women who have tried their luck in a slightly different way, by trying to cheat the system. Even though some have succeeded, it was not long until they got discovered. Like the next five guys:

  1. A Sneaky Sleight Of Hand

While officially, Richard Marcus has never been caught, his stellar sleight of hand has made him a millionaire he is. But, he only revealed it to everyone because he wrote a book about it. Nevertheless, it is a very daring move to try and cheat the casino by using childish sleight of hand moves.

  1. Can You Count Cards?

Although nowadays it is possible to use an app for counting cards, it is easily detectable. But, back in the ‘70s it was a big hit when a computer engineer made it happen. Not only had it been a great success, but he managed to walk away with a lot of money as well. Once again, it was only documented because the creator has come out in the open.


  1. Controlling What Happens in Roulette Is possible

People enjoy a good game of roulette, and while they are led to believe that it is only a game of luck, some have decided to take fate into their own hands. Though otherwise easily noticeable, a couple of individuals managed to pull off a magnetic roulette ball con and won a lot of money. However, very shortly after, they were discovered and their hefty winnings were all for naught.

  1. Reading What the Program States

Working as a government agent could mean that you have a lot of privileges, but it is quite the opposite. Although it gives you an opportunity to think of a scheme that you can pull off and make a living in a casino – read this article from Casino Room. The guards and staff of modern casinos are trained so well, that no matter how good you are, it will be possible to figure out if you have cheated or not.

  1. Make the Slot Machine Do Your Bidding

Even if you think that computerized machines are unbeatable, and that no matter how you try, it will be impossible to win, there is a way. Nikrasch, one of the most notorious cheaters in history has come up with a plan to temper with slot machines to enable his crew to walk away with millions. However, it is still unknown how many times and how much money he has won.

Cheating is a possibility to win big in the gambling industry, however, it is not at all easy to pull off, and even when you succeed, the glory is short-lived, as you will be found out almost immediately. Nevertheless, many have tried, and still try to prove that the system can be beaten, and that all it takes is a bit of creativity and quick thinking. Still, keep in mind that nowadays, with modern security measures, it has become virtually impossible to get away with cheating.

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