Five best sports games to play

Five best sports games to play

We humans have always been gifted with the tendency of being competitive. The feeling of being superior over other prevails every other sense. This sense of competitiveness led to the introduction of many sports that have always been parallel with the human history. These sports test your real physical strength and spirit.

The taxing modern lifestyle has made it very hard for us to play sports, but technology has an answer to every problem and this time the answer came in the name of sports based games. These sports games have become incredibly popular ever since their inception, but the sports games domain has become much crowded in the last few years, which is why we are listing five best sports games to play-

  • FIFA 17

I know this game is yet to be launched, but it is a universally acknowledged fact that no sports games list would be complete without Electronic Arts popular FIFA franchise. A perfect emulation of the most followed game of football, FIFA 17 is all you need to have if you are a passionate football lover. The latest addition to the franchise comes with some brilliant modifications especially the introduction of all EPL managers’ makes it bit closer to being realistic.


  • NBA 2k17

One thing with NBA games series developer is that they always pour their hard work in every game they made and NBA 2K17 is aperfect testimony to it. The games are as entertaining as the premier basketball tournament is and you would never get bored of it. You can either choose to become a real world name and help him achieve new heights or can make your player and forge a glorifying career for yourself. The best thing about this game is that it perfectly simulates the whole aura of an NBA match with all the elements like roaring crowd and flashing lights.


  • PES 2017

The life of every game based on soccer becomes very hard when you have a rival like FIFA franchise already well established in the market, but surprisingly Konami’s very own Pro Evolution Soccer series has not only survived but has provided a tough competition to the FIFA games for years. The lifelike graphics is a feature which perfectly stands out for this match. The introduction of some fully licensed team in the latest edition actually makes this game the one to pick.


  • EA Sports UFC 2

Another EA sports game on the list and is also remarkable as the previous one mentioned. The massive and ever increasing popularity of professional wrestling or I would say MMA wrestling attracted much attention from the developer’s, but everyone was reluctant to make a game because of the Huge risk involved. In stepped EA sports and made a game whose very inch was crafted with perfection. The unique fighting mechanism truly makes this game the one to play.


Casino Games

Casino is one of the attractivegames, and you can play it online also. You can find some websites which offer you to play casino online. M88 is one ofthe favoritesites to play casino games, and you can play casino games on m88 online. One of the biggest names in online gambling M88 online has very game into consideration. The agency based in Manila covers betting in almost all sports.

I hope you liked my list, which one did you like very much from this list?

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