The Pros and Cons Of Playing Poker Online!

The Pros and Cons Of Playing Poker Online!

Are you excited to come across the commonly touted epithet “instant overnight millionaire” by playing poker online? I too was, before I started playing the most lucrative and money-fetching game. But, before I dived into it, I tried to find out its pros and cons. Here, I share the essence of my findings that may help you to take the right decision.

Before finding out the pros and cons of playing Poker online, you need to know ‘betting’ and the right time with the best hand. The next main factors to know are, Starting Hands, Positioning and Hand Ranks.

 The Pros…

  1. Save before you earn. There is no overhead or travel time as are therein brick-and-mortar casinos
  2. No Waiting, because of constraints of tables
  3. 24/7 availability; more players during the evening
  4. At your ease and convenience; no need to travel, play at home, drinking and eating from your refrigerator.
  5. Faster game; no need to wait for the shuffling of the dealer.
  6. Huge Options; with other players ready to take their seats for your favorite games.
  7. Affordable Poker action; even at the lower stakes and the micro limits
  8. Lower Rake; the rake policy is defined on the website that shows the rake taken from each hand of poker
  9. Welcome Package for newcomers and other benefits in the shape of the redeemed first deposit bonus, entries to exclusive free-roll tournaments, royalty rewards and exchange of earned points for cash rewards.
  10. Free-rolls tournaments are taking place round the clock, with huge cash prizes, on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  11. Option for Multi-table; for overcoming slow action, you can open another table and can play them both, simultaneously.
  12. No physical Tells; Unlike in brick-and-mortar casino, you are free from the opponent’s scrutiny of your physical tells about your good or bad cards.
  13. Diverse Players; you get players of different skill levels that increases the prospect of winning, playing with players from Australia, Russia, Mexico and any country of your choice.
  14. Strict Enforcement of Rules automatically and accurate and clear show of chip-counts always
  15. Easy to Take Notes through software, how your opponents bet with each possible starting hand

The Cons…

  1. You can’t see the physical tells of your opponents which is an important point of how you play
  2. Faster action may cause harder to follow and make your losses, faster
  3. Addictive
  4. Loss of physical interaction with new players

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