Tips to Play Bola Tangkas Online

Tips to Play Bola Tangkas Online

Tangkas is a type of poker card game which you can play from PCs and gadgets or the most popular dominoQQ Android phones available in Indonesia. Tangkasnet Android game is a very exciting and reliable game where the Joker’s first card in front has to be a minimum of 4K. Before the casinos were actually banned, this game existed only on the internet, online. This game has a simple but an interesting concept thus making it so popular today. Just like most other poker games, you will find gamblers enjoying this game online.

About Bola Tangkas  

Bola Tangkas, which is an Indonesian style poker is actually a casino game that uses 7 cards to generate the highest combination of cards. Unlike the other common types of poker, Bola Tangkas is based on 5 card draw by tossing out 2 other cards. It is normally played on a computerized console which is similar in size of a slot machine. This game was discovered in the 1980s and became highly popular in the casinos, as people found the devices very convenient compared to the table games. Today Bola Tangkas has come up with the online version that is enjoyed even more than the one played through the device. When you are in the process of selecting Bola Tangkas online websites you should be very careful. This is when you need to actually decide which site you should enroll with. Practically there are many sites available on the internet, so to select the best agent is a trick as all agents are not achievers. Go for the one that is trusted and has positive reviews.

How to play

The game Bola Tangkas online is easy to play. For playing it online there are a few steps you need to follow like:

  • Register – Carefully fill in all the required details in the respective fields to complete the registration process.
  • Log-in – To log-in you need to enter your username and password.
  • Deposit – To enjoy the real money game and the bonus amounts you need to deposit some amount in your gambling account.
  • Click the “Play” button – After successfully depositing the amount, you are all set to play the game Bola Tangkas, all you need to do is click the “Play” button.
  • Choose the table – Choose an empty table that suits you the best. Select from the green colored tables which indicate that they are vacant, the red ones are occupied.
  • Place your credit – After you have chosen the table, now click on the (+) or (-) symbols to increase or decrease on the credit form.
  • Click on “BET” and “DEAL” buttons – Clicking on these two buttons helps you show the cards. You can keep increasing your bet by clicking these buttons. In total, you can bet up to 4 times. The more you bet the higher are the chances of winning.
  • Collect the winning amount – If you have developed enough skill winning in this Bola Tangkas game is quite easy. The only challenge here is, you need to remember the rules by heart.
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