Avoid Fake Slot Machines at Live Casinos

Avoid Fake Slot Machines at Live Casinos

If you’re interested in the online casino world just weeks back. A scam insight has just been found on the web, about fake NetEnt and Novomatic slot machines. But do not be afraid. To avoid this, simply avoid a few online casinos that we will unveil and remain confident in those who are still associated with a brand of reliability. Also, note that you can get a cool casino bonus here.


False Slots Alert

After a particularly careful review of some casino games from these two sites, it turns out that the conclusion that falls is to be most alarming. The NetEnt and Novomatic slot machines present on the sites are in fact not original. These are actually pale copies, which are intended to mislead players by fooling them through falsified slots.


Our Tips For Locating a Fake Slot Machine

Now let’s see how to recognize a fraudulent online slot machine. Firms like NetEnt or Novomatic generate billions each year and are very watchful about the casinos that use its games. For example, the developer Novomatic never rents its games to licensed casinos in Curacao. For this case of the week, France Casino and MegaJackpot have just licensed Curaçao, which immediately puts them in the list of suspects, although this is not enough evidence to charge them. But to get a better idea, you just have to look a little closer to the games in question.


Spot the Differences in Graphics and Gameplay

The overall vision of a fake slot machine will often leave something to be desired. Graphically, the difference is particularly noticeable when you put a fake version of the game and a real side by side. These are elements that should put you in the ring on the scam. Then the “Help” button does not work properly. And we can see this case on France Casino and MegaJackpot are linked in a strange way. The Help button is usually a good way to see if a machine is official or not. When you play one of the fake slot machines on France Casino, the Help button directly links to the MegaJackpot site, whereas this is obviously not the case on an official version of the game.

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