Different Types of Casino Games Available Online

Different Types of Casino Games Available Online

When you walk into any casino parlor, you will be enthralled to see the widest range of different casino games available there. All these games will lure you to visit that place over and over again, but you might not have access to such a parlor every time. To quench your desire to visit a casino, several websites have delivered the option of playing casino games online.

Online casino websites like w88 bring you a plethora of different casino games that you will generally find in a casino parlor. Once you create an account in one of these websites, you will have access to all these games, as well as loads of exciting offers and bonuses. Some of the online casino games that you can play are:

Slot games

If you want to search for an online casino game that comes in different colors and themes, then slot games are the best for you. A typical slot game comes with three or more reels which start spinning after the spin button is pushed by you. The combination obtained after all the reels stop spinning determines your win amount. Since this game is purely based on luck, it is also considered as the best wagering solution in many casino sites.

The Roulette wheel

Also known as the Devil’s game, it consists of numbers 1-36 and slots being made on the wheel pertaining to each number. The European version has a slot for 0, while the US version has an additional 00 to the European version. A ball is dropped in the center of the spinning Roulette wheel, and the players wait to see in which slot the ball lands after spinning. The person with the number where the ball stops wins the game.

Video Poker

The video poker game can be considered as an amalgamation of the classic poker game with that of a slot machine. It has several wild and scatter symbols, which adds on to the attraction. It also provides several bonus rounds during the course of the game.


If you know how to play blackjack, you know the value of the number 21. A perfect blend of luck and wit, blackjack is a card game that allows you to draw cards and add up their values. You can continue to draw cards until you move close to 21 and decide to fold in. However, if your opponent folds his cards, then you have to do the same. The values of each card will then be summed up, and the player with the highest value in hand wins.


The online version of the casino bingo game offers a random number generator instead of the balls generally used in the game. Many online bingo games provide bonuses that you can use in other games. Some websites provide live chat options in a bingo game, which fosters a feeling of community online.

These are some of the online casino games that you can play at any casino website like w88. If you wish to have such unique experiences, feel free to sign up at any of these websites and play the games that you will love too.

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