How to pick right cricket betting tips

How to pick right cricket betting tips

These days, online cricket betting has come up with many options for betting and earning money. Betting might sound easy to you if you think that it is just a game of luck or if your friend is very good at it and often wins huge sum of money through cricket betting. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be at the first instance. Besides luck, there are certain tips and factors that you must consider so that you start improving your betting game and win big when you play.


Here we have some of the best cricket betting tips for you that will help out when you are playing online:-


  • You need to do some research about the match. If you are not following cricket actively and want to win money, spend half an hour on research. This research would include checking the form of the players so that you know the form of players and place bets on them accordingly.
  • Studying statistics is important. Before a match begins, try to go back to the history and check the stats of the matches when the same opponents met. This will give you an idea with what mind frame the two teams will be playing. It will be helpful in assessing the level of performance you should expect from both the teams and which team is more likely to win the game.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of both the teams. The bowling line-up of one team may be strong while the batting unit of the other team may be strong. Some team might be good at fielding. This will help you in playing small online bets that revolve around cricket.
  • Follow the best cricket commentary and score sites. These will help you in getting the summary of previous games. Some of these websites even offer pitch analysis and pre-match predictions from the experts. Read these to know the real condition of the field. This will be helpful in predicting the scores of various batsmen and the team score in a more accurate manner.
  • Venue of the match is equally important. Some teams perform well in their country while others have the skills of performing well away from home as well. This will largely depend on the squad that is selected for that series. Check the past performances of those players to know which team has a upper-hand in the game.
  • Make sure that before placing a bet, you are well aware of all the rules of that website. There are certain basic rules and individual bet rules as well. Do not be overconfident and skip the rules thinking that you know everything related to online betting. A slight ignorance might lead to a huge loss of money.


Studying and understanding the game is the key to winning big. Be wise in placing the bets online and keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind. This will help you in improving your betting skills, make it better and will ultimately help you in winning more money.

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