How to Play Baccarat – Online Baccara

How to Play Baccarat – Online Baccara


Every popular game in gambling has variations. There are different types of poker. There is a plethora of slot games. Baccarat also has its variants. You are likely to come across different types of online baccarat games but almost all are rooted in the same basic rules and guidelines. Baccarat is one of the oldest games in gambling, at least in the west. While dice and chess were popular for centuries in the east, baccarat has a history of more than eight centuries in the west.

Types of Online Baccarat Games

There are three types of online baccarat games. North American baccarat or punto banco is the most popular. Chemin de fer is a popular variant and this is the one superspy James Bond is in love with. Banque or a deux tableaux is the third popular variant. Punto banco is the most rewarding or profitable game in a casino. A player has a potential return of ninety nine percent.

Rules of Baccarat (Punto Banco)

Two hands are dealt for a game of punto banco baccarat. This is true for land-based and online baccarat games. One hand is for the dealer or banker. The other is for the player. A player or bettor can choose to back their own hand or that of the banker. A player or bettor may also choose a tie. The value of either hand is calculated by picking the rightmost digit or unit value of the sum of cards. If all the cards add up to eighteen, then the value of the hand is eight. If the cards are worth twenty three, then the value of the hand is three.

All cards have a face value. Ace is worth one. Two is worth two. Nine is worth nine. Ten is worth ten. Jack, queen and king are worth ten each. The game has no jokers. The highest value attainable in a hand is nine. It could be just nine, nineteen or twenty nine. The lowest value is one. Ten, jack, queen and king are not treasured cards as they are worth nothing when the rightmost digit or unit value is taken into account.

Winning Hands in Online Baccarat Games 

The first round begins with two cards, one each for the banker or dealer and player. The player chooses a bet. One can back their hand, the dealer’s hand or a tie. If the value of one or both hands is eight or nine, the game is over and the player or dealer with the higher value wins. A player gets double the staked amount if their hand ends up as a win and the bet was as such. A player gets nothing if the bet goes wrong. If the dealer has the higher value and the player betted for the same, then one wins double the staked amount but after a commission is deducted.

If there is a tie or the value is lower than eight or nine, then the game continues for subsequent rounds. If the hand is worth seven or six for the player, then no other card is drawn but if the value is between zero and five then a card is drawn. The same rule applies for the hand of the banker or dealer as well. Play goes on till either hand attains eight or nine. เกมส์ บา คา ร่า ออนไลน์


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