Shocking facts about casinos

Shocking facts about casinos

Do you know everything about casinos? Learn 6 fun facts about casinos and gambling you haven’t heard about.

1. Casinos were founded in Italy

In fact, the honor of opening casinos falls to Italy, where the term “casino” comes from. It is derived from ‘casa’ meaning home, and the term has been coined to describe a range of facilities such as gazebos and social clubs.

2. The biggest win on the slot machine was $ 39.7 million

Casino jackpots are often spoken of in terms of life-changing amounts, but the biggest jackpot win ever on a slot machine is simply staggering. It took place in Las Vegas when an anonymous Los Angeles player wagered $ 100 on Megabucks at Excalibur Casino.

True to its name, Megabucks returned a colossal $ 39.7 million to the player.

3. Slot machines first appeared in 1887

The first slot machine appeared in 1887. It was known as the Liberty Bell and was developed by Charles Fell who released the completed design in 1891.

4. Las Vegas is not the capital of gambling

You think Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital? Think again! Sin City was acquired by Macau, China, which currently boasts 33 different casinos.

5. Casinos usually don’t have clocks

Designing a casino is a kind of psychological game. Casinos want, of course, for you to spend as much time and money as possible inside. For this reason, most casinos do not have clocks. However, it’s not quite a strict rule: one of the most profitable casinos in Las Vegas, Bellagio, intentionally avoids most of the rules of typical casino design and includes clocks for players.

6. The player has sold his life’s earnings to play at the casino

When playing casino games, we probably all took a risk from time to time. However, none of them are quite as brave as the one taken by Ashley Revell.

He sold everything he owned – including all his clothes – and staked the entire amount, $ 135,000, on one spin of the roulette wheel. He bet on the reds – and luckily won, doubling his money to $ 270,000.

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