Top 3 tips for BTC poker players

Top 3 tips for BTC poker players

Playing poker is a lot of fun. First of all, it is a competitive game that lets you feel like not only have to get a good card, but also to show that you have better skills than the others. Next to this, the luck element that is present in poker is actually much smaller when compared to other popular means of gambling. Also, the main difference is that you are not actually playing against the house, but are competing against the other players, while the casino is getting compensated just for dealing the cards.

The internet is full of various poker strategies, tips on managing your bankroll, bet size and so on. This is why today we will cover a type of the game that is associated with bitcoin gambling – virtual BTC poker. Let’s find out three tips for bitcoin poker that every player should know.

  1. Always have a decent amount of bitcoins on your hands

Typically poker sites talk about bankroll management. It is certainly important but with bitcoin gambling fund management can be even more vital. Poker is all about stabilizing your winnings over the distance, yet when you play bitcoin poker, you may not always get access to bitcoins at the same price. BTC tends to fluctuate a lot and you don’t really want to lose the coins bought at 450 USD while winning same BTCs, but with a market value of 250 USD. This is why we recommend to have at least 100 minimum buy ins for your Sit and Go tournament or Cash Game available to you in bitcoins.


  1. Don’t pay attention to BTC/USD rate

If you are playing poker, an important thing to keep in mind is that you are still more of a poker player than a crypto currency trader. Focusing on two things at the same time most probably will result in the negative consequences in both of the fields. This is why you should only focus on improving your skills instead of checking the market overview and finding the best time to perform a withdrawal.

  1. Find a transparent & honest casino

This is perhaps the most important part of any type of a bitcoin gambling. Finding a trusted place to play your favourite game should be every player’s goal and this is not so simple. Sometimes you may get burned a few times before actually finding a trusted casino. Well, with bitcoin gambling the amount of scams is actually smaller, yet there are still some untrusted casinos. Read the reviews before you decide to make a deposit.

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