The History of Baccarat Game: Beginning to the Present

The History of Baccarat Game: Beginning to the Present

Baccarat, pronounced as ‘bakəra,’ is a casino card game believed to have been created during the middle ages by Felix Falguierein, an Italian gambler. As per the ancient Etruscan legend, a blonde virgin tossed a nine-sided dice, which would decide her destiny. A dice on the eight or nine side would make her a priestess, a six or seven forbidding all her sacred rites, and any other number would make her walk into the sea.

The game was then introduced to the French during the 15th century. Its popularity grew among the aristocrats and remained elite for several years until it made its way to the commoner and became a plebian game.

More about Baccarat is unclear, making its exact origins remain a mystery. Although the most prominent place during its early days seems to be France, it is highly believed that it began in Italy. But a few historians claim that France is where we will find the true origins of the game. Despite all this, we know that France is where the game found its first popularity.

In its original French style, Baccarat became popular in England, where the gamers modified rules. It then reached  South America and across the continents.

Modern Day

Many centuries passed, the game spread to the rest of the world with different variants played in different countries and regions. Three primary variants of the game are known and played today, and these are Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, and Banque.

The first French style and remains the most common form of the game played in French casinos is Chemin de fer. The fascinating fact about Punto Banco is that it is strictly a game of chance and pure luck, compared to the other two where a player’s ability plays a role. A modern variation was developed that gave birth to ‘mini Baccarat,’ which, with its lower table limits and plain rules, has appealed to so many players that makes a major impact in casinos, both land and online.

Today, Baccarat is played everywhere globally, but still sustains its aroma of exclusivity and elegance in modern-day casinos. At the American casinos, the game is played in rooms separated from other areas, usually behind velvet curtains away from the main gaming floor of the casino. The games typically involve high stakes with minimum bets usually open from $25 to $500.


Baccarat typically attracts high rollers and celebrities due to its elegance and high social status. However, the game has been given a new life with the Internet booming anywhere in the world. It has become a major form of gambling, luring millions of people on the tables virtually. Whether you prefer Chemin de Fer, Banque, Punto Banco, or the mini Baccarat, online สูตรบาคาร่า2020 has something for you. In spite of the game seeming to be a bit confusing to a novice, it is a notably easy game to understand. Though there are some rules to be learned, it still has better odds for winning than most casino games and also offers เครดิตฟรีไม่ต้องฝาก —another fact making it a great ideal for both casino novices and patrons. Online casinos are a new accessibility to ordinary people, keeping the game’s popularity growing.







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